रंगों की बरखा ऐसी बरसी,
सब तन गीला होई जाए
बिन पिया मन अब भी बंजर,
इसमे फ़ुहार न आए….

#मन घुमक्कड़

देश एक परिधान अलग है
अलग अलग सी बोली
सबको जो एक रंग में रंग दे
ऐसा त्यौहार है “होली”

Like the colors of Holi, may your life be filled with colors of happiness.
May God bless you with colors of life, colors of happiness, colors of friends, colors of love and all the colors that you want to bring in your life.
Happy Holi

Published by: Yogesh D

An engineer, mgr by profession, emotional, short story/Poem writer, thinker. My view of Life "Relationships have a lot of meaning in life, so keep all these relationships strong with your love"


5 thoughts on “होली….”

      1. Just as white color is a symbol of peace, similarly the festival of Holi is also a symbol of peace and harmony, so on this day people play with colors in white clothes. That’s why white color is very important for us. Thank a lot! ma’am🙏🙏😊

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