ये किस तरह शहर का
मिज़ाज ठहरा है

चंद तमाशबीनों ने लगाई थी आग
तेरे घर मे, मेरे घर में

हम लड़ रहे हैं कि
कसूर तेरा है, कसूर तेरा है

#मन घुमक्कड़

Published by: Yogesh D

An engineer, mgr by profession, emotional, short story/Poem writer, thinker. My view of Life "Relationships have a lot of meaning in life, so keep all these relationships strong with your love"


8 thoughts on “शहर…”

  1. There are such people, instigating quarrels and then laughing in secret. We need to avoid them, these spinners of intrigues. It is often hard to recognize them because they like to stay in the background, shadowy figures of evil.

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    1. Absolutely right, bad minded people will be found everywhere. In fact, if humans start living with brotherhood, love and harmony in this world, then the number of such people will automatically decrease. Well, let us keep our honesty, and keep sharing love and happiness. Thank you ma’am for your kind thoughts.🙏🙏🌻

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      1. Your poem has given me food for thought, dear Yogesh. I am thankful to you. Thank you for the warning. We cannot be careful enough, when dealing with people. Often the worst people approach under the disguise of smiling friends …

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      2. Your encouragement gives a lot of strength, thank you very much ma’am for such a nice comment. Yes, we have to be careful with such people, but we also have to maintain the positivity within us.🙏🙏🌻

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  2. “What kind of city is this?”
    When I look at the picture, I would say it is a beautiful city – but that someone “set fire to your house” is not so nice, of course.
    I hope this is one of your metaphors, dear Yogesh, a metaphor for discord, lack of harmony.

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    1. Yes ma’am, I have written this as a satire, it has nothing to do with my city.
      Whenever there are quarrels or battles in a city, even the neighbors become enemies of each other, while in reality someone else is watching the spectacle by instigating fights in their city.
      Just wrote a few lines in this context, thank you very much ma’am for liking

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