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इन नैनो में जब देखो
ये गहरी होती जाए
जैसे इनमें खोकर
छोर न कोई मिल पाए

चेहरे पर मुस्कान आ जाती
नैना मगर न हँसती
जैसे इस देह की रूह
दूर कही पर बसती

एकटक रहकर नैना
बीते लम्हों में भागे
ये पुतलियों की सिकुड़न बता रही
यह तो सारी रात है जागे

नैना बोले ऐसी बोली
हर कोई न जाने
इनको जो समझे पहचाने
उस प्रीतम के दूर ठिकाने

नैना जब चंचल हो जाये
हवा भी कुछ संदल हो जाये
झूट कपट भी ये फिर बोले
जो देखे शर्म से जल हो जाये

न शिकवा किसी से करती
न गिला किसी से होता
जिससे इन नैनो की खुशियां
वो साजन अभी नही लौटा ….

#मन घुमक्कड़

Published by: Yogesh D

An engineer, mgr by profession, emotional, short story/Poem writer, thinker. My view of Life "Relationships have a lot of meaning in life, so keep all these relationships strong with your love"


12 thoughts on “नैना…”

  1. वाह। बहुत ही खूबसूरत रचना।👌👌
    नैना बोले ऐसी बोली
    हर कोई न जाने
    इनको जो समझे पहचाने
    उस प्रीतम के दूर ठिकाने

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  2. Dear Yogesh,
    you are writing very mysterious poems lately.
    I have translated this one with google again.
    For me, the most comprehensible lines are these:

    “like getting lost …
    no one can find the ends”

    जैसे इनमें खोकर
    छोर न कोई मिल पाए

    Thank you for visiting my blog regularly and liking what I write.
    I like what you write, too. I wish I could understand more …
    All the best to you,with friendly greetings from Moscow.

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    1. I Apology for your inconvenience, ma’am! Actually there is a poem written over the eyes. Eyes say everything without speaking, I have tried to express it in my own words.thank you so much for your visiting.🙏🙏😊🌻

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    2. when I looked into these eyes
      it got deeper
      If someone gets lost in these eyes
      so he got no edge

      smile on face
      no smile in my eyes
      like the soul of this body
      live somewhere far away

      staring eyes
      run into the past
      It is known by the contraction of the pupils of the eyes.
      whose eyes are awake all night

      eyes spoke like this
      not everyone knows
      He who recognizes these eyes
      he lives far away from the beloved

      When the eyes become fickle.
      Be like a sandal in the air.
      These eyes also told lies
      Whoever sees them becomes water with shame

      no one complains about these eyes
      These eyes have nothing to do with anyone
      Just the joy of these eyes
      That beloved of these eyes has not come back yet.

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