“हम” कहाँ है…

सब है पास हमारे
ग़म कहाँ है
अपने तो साथ है,
मगर “हम” कहाँ है…

ये धरती, ये हवा
वैसी ही तो है
देश अपना नही
ये वहम कहाँ है

घर बनाने के लिए
घर छोड़ आये
गैरो के बीच है
यह अलम कहाँ है

ऊपर उठे पर
ज़मीन नही छोड़ी
हवा में भी हमारे
कदम कहाँ है

अपनो की ख़ातिर
ख़ुद को भुला दे
अब हममे इतना भी
सितम कहाँ है

सियासतदार ही सच्चे
देश भक्त बन गए
देश हित मे मरने का
करम कहाँ है

मैं अब भी इंतजार में
रुक जाता हूं
वो अब नही आएगा
ये भरम कहाँ है

सब है पास हमारे
ग़म कहाँ है
अपने तो साथ है,
मगर “हम” कहाँ है….

#मन घुमक्कड़

Published by: Yogesh D

An engineer, mgr by profession, emotional, short story/Poem writer, thinker. My view of Life "Relationships have a lot of meaning in life, so keep all these relationships strong with your love"


9 thoughts on ““हम” कहाँ है…”

  1. I tried to translate your “mind wandering” with google, it is not easy to comprehend for me, dear Yogesh. I suppose the problems are everywhere the same: people are often unhappy, they have a hard time to live on their own land. Is that what you meant? I hope I interpreted you right.
    All the best to you, wishing you a good summer. Take care.

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    1. Exactly ma’am! There is a poem depicting the sorrow of a person who misses his country abroad. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by your translation. Thank you very much for liking the poem. Your words inspire me a lot. It means a lot to me ma’am.🙏🙏😊🌻

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      1. The sorrow of a person who misses his country abroad – I hope this is not you, dear Yogesh? If so, I hope you will be able to return to India soon, very soon. The translation was no inconvenience at all, on the contray, it made me think about the meaning of your words. The hidden message, maybe? It is a very good poem, however a bit sad … 🌻

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      2. No madam, I am not that, but I have some friends, have written their sorrows as my own. Yes, sometimes there are some hidden messages in the poem, which are not exposed. Thank you very much for your kind words.🙏🌻😊

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  2. प्रत्येक पद दिल को छूने वाली सच्चाई बयाँ करती है। शानदार।👌👌
    सब है पास हमारे
    ग़म कहाँ है
    अपने तो साथ है,
    मगर “हम” कहाँ है…

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