सदा सहारा बना रहा वो,

जीवन की तकलीफों में

कठोर बनकर आगे बढ़ाया,

हम फिसले तो हमे उठाया

कहता उठो और आगे बढ़ो,

मेहनत कर मंजिल पा लो

अपनी कामयाबी को देखा,

सदा बच्चों की सफलताओं में

वो ख़ुदा नही पर पिता ही है,

जो रहता सदा दुआओं में

Published by: Yogesh D

An engineer, mgr by profession, emotional, short story/Poem writer, thinker. My view of Life "Relationships have a lot of meaning in life, so keep all these relationships strong with your love"


4 thoughts on “अब्बा….”

  1. “He was always helping
    in life’s troubles” ….

    It is very good to have a hand helping us. It could be a father or uncle, a grandfather or granduncle. I feel sorry for those children who have no male helpers in their family, and some do not even have a family at all, I feel so sorry for those who live outside in the streets.

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    1. Absolutely ma’am! It is a privilege to be with family. It hurts to see those who have no one. Those who have no one, they have God, who fills them with so much power that they can move forward in life alone. Thanks a lot! ma’am 🙏🙏😊🌹

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